Origin: Great Britain

Breed: Crossbreed (A breed founded by cross breeding of British shorthair and Persian cats)

Body: British Longhair cat has a massive, muscular body. They have a short neck and long or medium tail. The paws of British Longhair are thick and rounded. These cats are large or medium in body. A coat is smooth and dense.

Body Color: All colors are recognized in this breed except white. Also different patches of color are familiar in this breed.

Eye: Different colors as suitable to the body color have to the British Longhair cats.

Weight: 5 to 10 pounds weight of middle age cats are calculated.

Health: The health of British Longhair is same as British Shorthair. One difference is long hairs. These cats are health cats but they need regular cleaning because of long hair.

Cat Protection

Remember with the aim of your cat relies on you representing its safety and protection, and therefore need to give attention to these.


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