Bombay CatOrigin: United States

Breed: Crossbreed (Crossing of Burmese with American shorthair Black colored cat)

Bombay cat have two types of breeds one is British Bombay cat and another is American Bombay cat.

Body: Bombay has agile as well as muscular body. The coat of the breed is short, satiny and tight in body frame.

Body Color: Genes are maintaining generally black colored coat. Also Havana brown color is close shiny coat in this breed.

Eye: copper to Greenish colored eye of British Bombay while American Bombay cat has usually orange eye.

Weight: 6 to 9 pounds for females and 8 to 11 pounds for males.

Health: The medical and genetic aspects are present this breed. Heart and spinal canal may occur in Bombay cat breed. Also they have extreme nose break problem causing for tearing or breathing difficulty.

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