A cat reaches reproductive maturity relating five and nine months of age, or in the lead the phase they arrive at 4.5 to 7.0 pounds in emphasis. It is viable instead of domestic longhaired and shorthaired cats, as well as feral cats, possibly will arrive at sexual maturity earlier than purebred breeds and interior cats.

Female cats hold temperature patterns with the aim of remaining relating seven and twenty-one days. If the brute is not impregnated, her temperature patterns possibly will turn into asymmetrical, with periods of non-heat seemly mission, often as curt as two days. When experiencing estrus, or temperature, a female cat possibly will succeed loud, crying sounds, and rub themselves along the floor with the tail raised. Heat cycles are the largest part frequent relating January and September, as the amount of daylight is longer, but can occur by a few phase.

Once a correct male has encountered the female, copulation quickly ensues, as generally results in a pregnancy. The common figure of litters with the aim of a female can turn out surrounded by lone time is three to five, with the common litter containing four to six kittens.

The birthing process is called queening, and preparations instead of this process ought to start on several weeks into the future of phase. Giving the female a box in which to birth in ought to be made, and it ought to be lined with blankets or towels. At queening, the box ought to be lined with newspapers in order to aid in soaking wet up a few fluids.

There are three stages of feline labor. Indoors the originally stage, the cervix will soften and open, with the brute moaning or wheezing. Restless behavior possibly will be prominent, as well as frequent trips to the litter box. The trice stage begins as the female begins to persuade unfashionable her originally kitten, which takes the best to give. This originally birth will open the cervix in research instead of the outstanding kittens. Each kitten ought to take relating fifteen and thirty minutes to be born. The technique of the placenta is the third stage of technique.

At birth, all kittens are born surrounded by his own amniotic sac. If this sac is not out of order by the birthing process, the nurse will break it, as well as chop off the umbilical cord. After all of the kittens are delivered, the nurse additionally eats the placenta, which stimulates lactation. Soon afterward birth, the nurse will lick her kittens; this helps to clean and dry the new-found babies, as well as stimulate their flow.

At birth, the kitten is blind, deaf, and helpless. They lack distinctive color patterns, and more or less organize not obtain their unique markings until several weeks shortly. The nurse will nurse her kittens until she begins to wean them, generally around four months. At this situation, other food ought to be introduced to the kitten. Hard cuisine formulated specifically instead of kittens can be specified. It possibly will be softened with hose to succeed chewing more comfortable. Cow's milk ought to not be specified to kittens, as the largest part will develop lactose intolerance as they grow, and the cow's milk will cause gastric problems.

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